Turnfollow is an independent game company comprised primarily of Carter Lodwick & Ian Endsley. We are based in Los Angeles. We met at the SAIC as comic artists and we bring our unique visual/narrative background with us to games. We have released 6 games to date and we are always working on new projects.

Before The Green Moon

Explore a small community at the base of a space elevator during the days and seasons leading up to your departure for the moon.


Wide Ocean Big Jacket

An aunt and uncle take their middle-school niece and her boyfriend on an overnight camping trip in WIDE OCEAN BIG JACKET.

Published by the lovely folks at Tender Claws

Released in 2020 on PC/MAC and the Nintendo Switch.

WOBJ is a short story video game and is nominated for "Excellence in Narrative" in the 2020 Independent Games Festival.

Packing Up The Rest of Your Stuff on the Last Day at Your Old Apartment

"If you left something behind try your best not to let it get you down." Released in 2017.

PUTROYSOTLDAYOA is a first-person game set in an almost-moved-out apartment during a hot Chicago summer.

Little Party

"Your teenage daughter is having a party!" Released in 2015.

Little Party is a narrative video game in which the player takes on the role of Candice, a mother overseeing her teenage daughter’s all-nighter party.

A Good Gardener

A wartime gardening simulator. Released in 2015.

In A Good Gardener, you play as an imprisoned deserter, growing plants for your nation's war effort.

4ever Transit Authority

Explore a procedurally generated city with the help of the 4Ever Transit Authority. Originally released on PC in 2017. Re-released on Android in 2018.

River Bones

God made the rivers, God made the land. Released in 2016.

River Bones was made for the 2016 Mystic Western Game Jam. It tells the story of a woman and her bodyguard who are on the run with her family's stolen gold.